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Where Are All the Restrooms Located in Yellowstone National Park?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Yeah, that’s a really good question. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling with kids who just “gotta go”, enjoying traveling during your golden years amidst the physiological changes that increase the episodes of I just “gotta go’, or simply you just “gotta go” and the need to know, where to go, is of paramount importance.

So, here are the locations of restrooms in Yellowstone National Park.

All the Major “Hub” Sites in the Park

There are six major “hub” locations in the park (Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, Grant Village, Lake Village Area – Fishing Bridge & Bay Bridge, Canyon Village, Tower-Roosevelt). In these hub areas are located the Yellowstone General Stores, Visitor Centers, Dining Facilities, Service Stations, and Hotels/Inns/Lodges (Old Faithful Inn, Mammoth Inn, Canyon Lodge, Lake Lodge), all of which will contain public access restrooms.

However, the public restrooms most folks are interested in knowing their location are those located “along the way” of the 14 road sections of Yellowstone National Park.

This map of Yellowstone National Park identifies generally those locations where restrooms are located. Below the map are the descriptions of those areas by road section.

· Madison River Picnic Area

· Madison Campground

· Madison Picnic Area and Information Station

· Firehole Swimming Area (across the road from the swimming area on Firehole Canyon Dr)

· Firehole Picnic Area

· Nez Perce Picnic Area

· Whisky Flats Picnic Area

· Midway Geyser Basin (parking lot)

· Lone Star Geyser Trailhead

· Spring Creek Picnic Area

· DeLacy Creek Picnic Area

· East Divide Picnic Area

· Grant Village

· Grant Village Picnic Area

· Grant Village Campground

· Heart Lake Trailhead

· Lewis Channel Dogshead Trailhead

· Lewis Lake Campground

· Lewis Lake Picnic Area

· Snake River Picnic Area

· Tuff Cliff Picnic Area

· Gibbon Picnic Area

· Iron Springs Picnic Area

· Caldera Rim Picnic Area

· Artists Paintpots

· Gibbon Meadows Picnic Area

· Norris Geyser Basin (parking lot)

· Norris Campground

· Beaver Lake Picnic Area

· Apollinaris Spring Picnic Area & Spring

· Roadside Restroom

· Indian Creek Campground Entrance Road (small picnic area with restroom)

· Indian Creek Campground

· Sheepeater Cliff & Picnic Area

· Upper Terrace Drive Parking Lot

· Roadside Restroom (near horse corral and military graveyard entrance)

· Public Restroom (next to parking lot for lower Mammoth Terraces)

· Boiling River Trailhead (across from Gardner River Picnic Area) - ???

· Mammoth Campground · Mammoth Upper Terrace Drive Parking Lot

· Lava Creek Picnic Area

· Roadside Restroom (Blacktail Deer Creek Pull Off)

· Yellowstone Picnic Area

· Roadside Restroom (at entrance road to Slough Creek Campground)

· Slough Creek Campground

· Roadside Restroom (at Lamar River Horse Trailhead)

· Roadside restroom (at entrance road to Pebble Creek Campground)

· Pebble Creek Campground

· Soda Butte Picnic Area

· Warm Creek Picnic Area

· Tower Fall & General Store (Additional restrooms located at parking lot)

· Tower Fall Campground

· Buffalo Paddock Picnic Area

· Roadside Restroom (South of Chittendon Road Entrance)

· Mount Washburn Trailhead at Dunraven Pass (parking lot)

· Mount Washburn Overlook & Restroom

· Dunraven Road Picnic Area

· Cascade Lake Picnic Area

· Norris Picnic Area

· Virginia Cascade Picnic Area (on Virginia Cascade Drive)

· Canyon Campground

· Brink of Upper Falls (parking Lot)

· Uncle Tom’s Trail

· Wapiti Picnic Area

· Artist’s Point

· Roadside Restroom (in Hayden Valley)

· Mud Volcano Area

· Nez Perce Ford Picnic Area

· Cascade Picnic Area

· LeHardy’s Rapids (parking lot)

· West Thumb Parking lot & Picnic Area (including squat toilets)

· Hard Road to Travel Picnic Area

· Angler’s Bluff Picnic Area

· Spruce-Fir Exhibit & Picnic Area

· Sand Point Picnic Area

· Gull Point Drive & Picnic Area

· Bridge Bay Picnic Area

· Bridge Bay Campground

· Lake Village

· Fishing Bridge Picnic Area (200 yards northeast of picnic area)

· Roadside Restroom (across from General Store)

· Fishing Bridge RV Campground

· Pelican Creek Nature Trailhead (roadside restrooms just east of parking lot)

· Roadside Restroom

· Indian Pond-Storm Point Trailhead

· Pelican Valley Trailhead

· Steamboat Point Picnic Area (roadside restroom)

· Sedge Bay Picnic Area

· Lake Butte Overlook

· Sylvan Lake Picnic Area

· Roadside Restroom (1/2 distance between Corkscrew Bridge Viewpoint and East Entrance)

· Roadside Restroom (100 yards from the East Entrance)

If your planning on visiting Yellowstone National Park, you should consider purchasing the Yellowstone Explored Travel Book. The book has all of this information and so much more! You can purchase the Yellowstone Explored book by clicking HERE.

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