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West Thumb to Lake Village -
Yellowstone National Park

This road section runs along the west shore of Yellowstone Lake and provides multiple scenic views of the lake and the islands of the lake – Frank, Stevenson, and Dot. Bridge Bay Marina provides access to the lake for all boats and West Thumb is the prime location for kayaking the lake. The unique West Thumb Geyser Basin that stretches out into the lake is a favorite stop along this path and historic Lake Hotel at Lake Village provides a glimpse of the past as the longest standing lodging facility in any of the national parks and a designated national historic landmark. Several picnic areas along the shores of the lake make for some fun and scenic areas to enjoy a good lunch.

Fly Fishing Yellowstone Lake. The lake opens to fishing mid-June and the early season is the best time to fish for native cutthroat, whereas the fall is the best time to fish for lake trout. Because lake trout are deeper dwelling fish, you are not likely to catch them by fly fishing. Stripping streamers is the best strategy for fly fishing the lake. Wooly buggers and minnow pattern flies work well, especially if they have a spot of red color in the fly to mimic cutthroat slash.


If fly fishing from the shore, Gull Point Drive is a favorite location where deep water is near the shore. However, other locations around points can also be productive, and the Bay Bridge and West Thumb areas are generally considered the best places to fish.

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