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Fishing Bridge to East Entrance - Yellowstone National Park

This section of road includes the historic Fishing Bridge and its associated Visitor’s Center and Museum.  The Fishing Bridge RV Park is the largest RV camping facility in the park with water, sewer, and electrical hookups. This road section provides access to the highest elevation vehicle lookout over Yellowstone Lake and has the trailhead to the farthest dwelling from any road in the lower 48 states. It is home to one of the oldest bridges built in the park and it travels through the part of the park with the highest concentration of grizzly bear in the park as well as the lower 48 states.  

Pelican Creek is a prime location for spawning cutthroats from Yellowstone Lake, and is also prime grizzly bear country. However, Pelican Creek and its tributaries are closed to fishing.

Cub Creek and Clear Creek contain cutthroat trout, and both have an opening date in August as grizzly bear activity can be heavy for the spawning fish as well as conservation efforts to protect the spawning fish.
Note: Check the regulations each year, as opening dates change with the spawning seasons and grizzly bear activity closures. 


Sylvan Lake is a high-country lake where you can see anglers wading out to catch cutthroat trout using flies like parachute Adams, mayflies, etc.

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