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Canyon Village to Fishing Bridge - Yellowstone National Park

This section of road follows the Yellowstone River. Just south of Canyon Village, the Yellowstone River flows over the Upper Falls, marking the beginning of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Multiple overlook areas of the canyon are available via some short hikes. The Lower Falls, another one of Yellowstone’s famous icons, provides a breath-taking experience to view and feel the power of the Yellowstone River as it falls downward creating a pounding experience in one’s chest.


Here, the Yellowstone River provides a unique experience to view spawning native cutthroat trout as they struggle to leap over LeHardy Rapids. The renowned Hayden Valley, with its diverse array of wildlife, features the largest rut of free-roaming bison in the world. A different sort of geothermal area, the Mud Volcano area, is marked by its boisterous sounds and extremes in acidity.


The Canyon Village area is a group of sprawling facilities featuring the most accommodations in Yellowstone and is a central hub for all the attractions of the park.

Fly Fishing the Yellowstone River: (Between Upper Falls and Fishing Bridge)

During the months of June and July, native cutthroat trout are spawning in this section of the river. The opening day of fishing is typically July 15 each year and is best fished opening day through the end of the month. However, fewer concentrations of fish can be found in the river during the first half of August. By the end of August, most fish have moved back into the lake. Average fish size is around 14 to 18 inches, with many exceeding 20 inches. Various stretches along the river are closed to fishing.

Try to match your fly with the hatch that hopefully is in full swing when you are fishing. There are several hatches that take place along this very fertile river section. Green drakes, stonefly, caddis, PMD’s, and yellow sallys are among the most important hatches and the more productive times in which to fish. It is recommended to spot fish. Look for fish rising and try to determine what they are feeding on.


One of the more popular and promising places to fish along this stretch is the Nez Perce Ford, adjacent to the Nez Perce Ford Picnic Area.

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