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Norris to Canyon Village -
Yellowstone National Park

This road is only 12 miles (19 km) in length. While the number of key features is few, they include the beautiful Virginia Cascades Drive with its scenic downward looks at the Gibbon River as it rushes down the canyon, a historical feature of some early roadway construction in the park, and access to four smaller lakes and some fun lake fishing.

Fly Fishing the Gibbon River: (the stretch from Grebe Lake to Norris Junction)

The upper portion of Gibbon River starts at Grebe Lake where it flows to Wolf Lake and then begins dropping at steeper gradients into Virginia Meadows. After the meadows, it flows over the Virginia Cascades and into Norris Meadows. The fish are small in this stretch with rainbows found above the cascades and small brook trout below.


Flies to Use by Hatch During the Early, Summer, and Fall Periods of Fishing the River:

Early/June: Blue-winged olive, little black caddis, PMD’s, green drake, midges

July/August: PMD’s, caddis, green drake, golden stonefly, green and spotted sedges, yellow sallies, pink ladies, midges, grasshoppers, beetles

Sept/Oct: Blue-winged olive, green and longhorn sedges, midges, yellow sallies, grasshoppers, midges


Fly Fishing Grebe and Cascade Lakes: In 2017 Grebe Lake (not Cascade Lake) was poisoned to kill non-native rainbow trout. It was subsequently restocked with west slope cutthroat and grayling. June is a great time to fish this lake and is usually easily accessible by the middle of June. Fishing slows in the summer but can still be good fishing.

  • Wet Fly Fishing: Wooly buggers, bead head pheasant tail, scuds, and damselfly nymphs, soft-hackle flies

  • Dry Fly Fishing: Renegades, parachute Adams, caddis, Griffiths gnats, royal coachman

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