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Old Faithful to West Thumb - Yellowstone National Park

This road section provides access to a few fishing spots, a beautiful cascading waterfall, the closest access to the largest backcountry lake in the lower 48 (Shoshone Lake) and prime lake and brown trout fishing, and a powerfully erupting geyser. 

Fly Fishing the Firehole River (upper Firehole River to the bridge over the river one mile south of Old Faithful): The Firehole River has its origin from small Madison Lake at an elevation of 8,200 feet in the southwest region of the park. The upper portion of the river is best accessed using the Lone Star Geyser Trailhead, located less than 100 yards from the Kepler Cascades. A paved road turnoff takes you back a short distance to a parking lot. From here the trail is a large gravel trail that hikers and bikers can share en route to the Lone Star Geyser or to fishing spots along the upper Firehole River. Small brook trout and a few browns live in this section of the river. Note: the river is closed to fishing from the bridge over the Firehole River at Biscuit Basin, to the bridge located a mile south of Old Faithful.


Flies to Use by Hatch During the Early, Summer, and Fall Periods of Fishing the River:

Early/June: Black caddis, blue-winged olive, yellow sallies, PMD’s, parachute adams, midges

July/August: Usually slow fishing due to warm water temperatures - pink ladies, sedges, drakes, midges

Sept/Oct: Sedges, caddis, blue-singed olive, midges, grasshoppers and ants


Fly Fishing DeLacy Creek: This small creek originating from the DeLacy Lakes flows south passing under the Grand Loop Road and continues another three miles to Shoshone Lake. The fish in this creek are small ranging from 4 to 8 inches. This stream is best accessed at the DeLacy Creek Trailhead one mile east of the Continental Divide. Flies to use will be like those listed for the Firehole River.

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