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Madison to Old Faithful -
Yellowstone National Park

This section of the park is known for its myriad geyser basins with some of the most famous, spectacular, and diverse geothermal features on earth, including the iconic Grand Prismatic Spring. For most of this drive, the road parallels the beautiful Firehole River, a favorite among anglers, especially during the spring and fall seasons. The scenic Firehole Canyon Drive provides the unique experience of paralleling this river as it runs down the narrow and beautiful canyon and over waterfalls.


This road section provides access to several major geyser basins, trails to beautiful waterfalls, four picnic areas, a couple of historical locations and remnants, a few hiking trailheads, and one of the few swimming locations in the park.

Fly Fishing the Firehole River (and tributaries Little Firehole River and Iron Spring Creek): The Firehole River along this section of road/park offers some great fishing for rainbow and brown trout averaging 8 to 12 inches in length with some getting up to 15 to 17 inches. This stream is often the best stream to fish when the season opens in the spring. Note: the river is closed to fishing from the bridge over the Firehole River at Biscuit Basin, to the bridge located a mile south of Old Faithful.


Little Firehole River: From Mystic Falls downstream to the junction with the Firehole River near Biscuit Basin, the Little Firehole River contains similar trout as the Firehole River and is a good place for summer fishing as the fish tend to move into this stream for the cooler water during the hot summer days. This stream is best accessible from the pull off opposite the Daisy Trailhead, south of the bridge over the Firehole River south of Biscuit Basin. Cutthroat and brown trout are found above Mystic Falls.


Iron Spring Creek: Accessible at either Biscuit Basin or Black Sand Basin parking lots, this stream also offers mostly rainbow and brown trout. The creek junctions with the Little Firehole River near the wooden bridge that is just off the Grand Loop Road and across from the Daisy Trailhead.


Flies to Use by Hatch During the Early, Summer, and Fall Periods of Fishing the River:

Early/June: Black caddis, blue-winged olive, yellow sallies, PMD’s, midges

July/August: Pink ladies, sedges, drakes, midges

Sept/Oct: Sedges, blue-singed olive, midges, grasshoppers and ants

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