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Biscuit Basin and Mystic Falls Trailhead

This .6-mile round trip boardwalk begins by crossing a wooden bridge over the Firehole River and climbs slightly upward passing by beautiful opal blue hot springs/pools surrounded by colorful orange bacterial mats. Soon the boardwalk splits to form a loop where you will see other geysers and hot springs.


At the far west end of the loop, you step off the boardwalk to continue to the trail junction for Mystic Falls, as well as Fairy Creek Trail. The total round-trip hike to Mystic Falls is 2.5 miles as it climbs through pine forest of the Little Firehole River Canyon and then parallels the Little Firehole River. The trail leads you to a beautiful 70-foot waterfall, which is actually a series of cascades and smaller falls, beginning at a narrow slot at the top of the falls and tumbling over its boulder filled path before becoming significantly wider at its base. This is a great family hike.


If you choose, you can make a loop by continuing the trail that climbs steeply upward, passing by some unique rock formations filled with little pikas, and on to the junction with Fairy Creek Trail. Here you can take a right back east to the Biscuit Basin Overlook, traveling along a cliff edge that provides a great panoramic view of the area and eventually an overlook of the geothermal features of Biscuit Basin. The descent back to the Biscuit Basin boardwalk begins with switchbacks passing by patches of wildflowers and some mountain raspberries.

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