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Madison Picnic Area and Information Station

Picnic Area: The Madison Picnic Area is connected to Madison Campground (located westerly and on the Madison Road Section) via a walking trail that is illuminated at night. The picnic area has 15 tables, three of which have fire circles with grates. The tables are well shaded by surrounding trees and a single centralized water spigot is available. A large duel restroom with running water, 5 flush toilets/urinals on each side, and a commons area that includes a drinking fountain, benches, public phone, and snack and soda vending machines to provide a welcome break for the weary traveler. The parking lot for this area is fairly large (31 parking spaces - 5 wheelchair, 8 RV spaces, and a bike rack) as it also provides parking for the amphitheater and the Park Store and Information Station. A trash dumpster and recycle canisters are conveniently located.

Amphitheater: The amphitheater is actually part of Madison Campground with accessible paved trails leading from both the campground and picnic area parking lot to the beautifully set amphitheater.  The campfire pit and the large screen of the amphitheater are backdropped with National Park Mountain and others of the caldera rim and the beautiful Madison Valley where the Firestone and Gibbon Rivers join to form the Madison River.


Park Store and Information Station: The structure that now houses the Madison Park Store and Information Station was built in 1930 as the Madison Trailside Museum, the first stop into the park for travelers from the west. Today, helpful and friendly park rangers are ready to answer your questions and provide helpful recommendations. The store offers a variety of books about Yellowstone and other souvenirs of your trip to the world’s first national park.

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