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Artemisia Trailhead

To take this hike, park your vehicle in the Biscuit Basin parking lot as the trail begins directly across from the lot. A real advantage of starting this trail at this point is that you can avoid much of the Old Faithful crowds while enjoying the hike and the view of some really beautiful geothermal features, including the renowned Morning Glory Pool. The Artemisia trail (a dirt path) ends where the nice paved and wheelchair accessible Morning Glory Trail that originates at Old Faithful also terminates. In other words, the two trails meet in the middle, connecting the two geyser basins. As such, you could continue to Old Faithful taking in several other geothermal features along the way, including Daisy Geyser, or turn around for an out-and-back trip as presented here.


Along the trail, which is mostly flat, you will pass Mirror Pool (a large and steaming hot spring) and Gem Pool (as well as other unnamed and smaller geothermal features) before reaching Artemisia Geyser at about the .5-mile mark. Artemisia Geyser’s pool is a beautiful blue color and when it erupts, which is unpredictable and only once or twice every 24 hours, the fountain peak reaches 30 feet, with the eruptions lasting approximately 20 minutes. The only real indicator of an impending eruption is a sudden and dramatic increase in overflow from the pool. As you continue along the path you can see two geyserite cones collectively known as Atomizer Geyser. Another half-mile past Artemisia Geyser you arrive at Morning Glory Pool and a rewarding experience if you love color and contrast. Named because of its resemblance to the morning glory flower, this beautiful hot spring unfortunately is not as beautiful as it once was. Over the years, visitors have thrown various objects into the spring, clogging the vent, and leading to a reduction in the pools temperature and consequently a lessening of the pools vibrant colors and an encroachment of the yellow bacteria and algae into the blue center. To everyone’s pleasure and gratitude, a restroom awaits you at the end of the trail near Morning Glory Pool.

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