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Trailhead to Grand Prismatic Overlook and Fairy Falls

This parking lot serves as the trailhead for the Grand Prismatic Spring Overlook and Fairy Falls – two absolutely worthwhile hikes to take while visiting Yellowstone. Upon reaching either of these destinations you are awarded with spectacular views of two beautiful iconic creations of nature. From the parking lot you quickly cross a bridge over the Firehole River and hike approximately 1 mile on the flat Fountain Freight Road (this is the loose gravel road that connects with Fountain Flat Drive) before taking off on the Fairy Falls Trailhead which then climbs just over 100 feet over .5 miles, before arriving at the Grand Prismatic Spring Overlook and a breath-taking view of Grand Prismatic Spring.


As you continue your hike another mile to Fairy Falls, you will pass through burnt areas from the 1988 fires where beautiful wildflowers now welcome you to the area. Arriving at the base of the falls, you are treated to a beautiful view of Fairy Creek as it plummets gracefully 200 feet over the edge of the Madison Plateau. You can continue your hike another half-mile until you reach Imperial Geyser, a beautiful mini-version of the Grand Prismatic. Like the Grand Prismatic, Imperial Geyser is mostly dormant, although very infrequent eruptions of approximately 35 feet are known to occur. By following the colorful and terraced runoff streams from Imperial Geyser, you will soon reach Spray Geyser, an active geyser with frequent eruptions.

The Grand Prismatic Overlook & Fairy Falls was mentioned in our article titled: "Best Places to Go and Things to do with Kids in Each of Yellowstone's 14 Road Sections"

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