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Natural Bridge Trailhead

This trailhead (hiking or biking) to the Natural Bridge is not the main trailhead but provides access from the main road and has only a few parking spots. The main trailhead starts right next to the Bay Bridge Marina and Campground.  This trail is an old, no longer a vehicle accessible road, that takes you 1.4 miles (2.8 miles out and back) to the junction where a short trail with switchbacks leads you to the top of the ridge and access to the bridge. It makes for a good photo op by either looking upward at the bridge or from behind looking through the underpass cut by Bridge Creek as it flows through the arch. However, there are signs that recommend against crossing the bridge, which is about 4-feet thick at its narrowest point. Be on the lookout for marmots and chipmunks that are usually seen on the hillside. The trail is closed until early summer while bears feed on spawning trout in Bridge Creek.

The Natural Bridge was mentioned in our article titled: "Best Places to Go and Things to do with Kids in Each of Yellowstone's 14 Road Sections"

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