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Unmarked Picnic Area - Yellowstone National Park

This picnic area is quite unique and offers a very secluded experience to sit and enjoy your food, as well as distant views of Dot and Frank Islands in Yellowstone Lake. After leaving the main road for a short distance you arrive at a lengthy parking lot with a loop turnaround. Unmarked and not well-developed trails lead from the parking area to the secluded sites. The first trial, which is about 40 yards in length, leads to two picnic tables located at the lake’s edge and a 25-foot drop off to a pebble and boulder beach below. The second, third, and fourth trails are approximately 25 yards in length and also lead to tables situated at the lake’s edge and drop off to the beach below. There is no restroom here.

You can often spot anglers here fishing from the bank with large spoons seeking to catch lake trout and cutthroat trout.

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