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Angler’s Bluff Picnic Area

This is one of the funniest and most secluded picnic areas in the park. A short .3-mile paved drive from the main road brings you to a parking lot with a restroom facility. From the parking lot, you take a short walk along a dirt trail through a grassy area with lots of chipmunks. Three picnic tables are spread out along the path before arriving at more picnic tables located on the edge of the bluff, 20-feet above the lake’s shore. This setting offers a beautiful and expansive overlook view of the West Thumb of the lake and a great place to enjoy your lunch. There are sloping places to walk down to the shoreline and a pebble and rock-laden beach. Kids love this area as it offers the fun of playing on a beach, wading out into the cold yet crystal clear water, and skipping rocks along the water’s flat surface, especially if you arrive before the afternoon breeze kicks up. There are cliffs nearby, so watch the little ones and don’t let them wander off. This area is not accessible to RV’s, trailers, or busses.


Angler's Bluff Picnic Area was mentioned in our article titled "Best 9 Picnic Areas in Yellowstone- For the Whole Family"

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