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Visitor’s Center and Museum

This facility is located right on the northern bank of Yellowstone Lake. A patio out back of the center provides a great view of the lake and the nearby beach can be a fun place to walk along the shore. Inside the center, a museum provides displays of the birds of prey, waterfowl, and other inhabitants of the lake. A bookstore includes many readings of the unique features of Yellowstone National Park and the early pioneers of the area. 

  • Amphitheater: An outdoor amphitheater located in front of the Visitor’s Center is where park rangers provide nightly presentations on a variety of topics specific to Yellowstone and its unique features.

  • Picnic Area: The picnic tables are located next to the parking lot and are shaded by large pine trees. Trash dumpster and recycle canisters are conveniently located nearby. Across the parking lot from the picnic area and about 200 yards heading northeast along a dirt trail are restrooms secluded among the trees.

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