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Lake Butte Overlook

This exit takes you on a 1-mile paved road upward to a scenic overlook of Yellowstone Lake. Here you will have a good view of the lake’s islands, surrounding forest and burned areas, and the majestic Grand Teton of the Teton Mountain Range to the south. An informational sign provides a better understanding of the distance of the lake’s expanse, the view of the Grand Teton to the south, and the remoteness if one were to travel south from this point. There is a restroom at the lookout area. A short climb north from the overlook area takes you to some interesting trees that have been shaped and refined by the winds that sweep across the point. No busses or trailers are allowed on this road.

Lake Butte Overlook was mentioned in our article titled: "Best Places to Go and Things to do with Kids in Each of Yellowstone's 14 Road Sections"

Lake Butte Overlook Pano.JPG
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