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Ice Lake Trailhead

This trail is only a half-mile in length and leads to the west side of a 224-acre lake that is surrounded by lodgepole pine. Even though this destination is so close to the Grand Loop Road, it has some overnight backcountry campsites. Much of the hike passes through an area that was burned in the 1988 fires, and there are several fallen pines along the way and along the lake’s edge that extend out into the water. This lake is considered to be without fish, so you won’t need your fishing rod.


If you choose, you can continue your hike to Wolf Lake (3.5 miles), then to Grebe Lake (4.7 miles, and headwaters of the Gibbon River), and eventually to Cascade Lake at 7.1 miles. Traveling the distance on this trail is also referred to as the Chain of Lakes Trail.


Note: Each of these lakes have their own trails that lead to them from the main road and will be addressed separately in this road section. 

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