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Wolf Lake Trailhead

The first half-mile of this 6.9-mile there-and-back trail is level and is close to Gibbon River as it passes through some lovely meadows. Soon the trail will start to climb gradually upward as the adjacent river flows downward through a small canyon. Less than a mile into the hike the trail will pass by Little Gibbon Falls, a 25-foot drop over a lava flow, another of Yellowstone’s beautiful waterfalls. Soon after you pass the falls, the trail requires you to cross the Gibbon River (log crossings) and continues through lodgepole pine forest until you reach a fork. To continue your hike to Wolf Lake, take the right trail another 2.2 miles, eventually cresting a knoll that provides a view down at the lake and the meadows that surround it. Lush grass forms much of the lake’s banks and Lili pads hug the periphery.

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