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LeHardy Rapids

This is a must see for adults and children alike as it provides a great opportunity to see large native cutthroat trout migrating upstream to spawn near the Yellowstone Lake outlet. The rapids are created by the combination of a downward slope in the river and large boulders spread across the river which is rather wide at this spot. The peak season for the migration and best chance to see the leaping trout is late June and July. Sometime in July, the salmon fly hatch will occur on this section of the river and you can see the cutthroat trout rise to sip in the large orange-colored flies that happen to land in the water near the river’s edge. It makes for a unique sight delivered by one of Yellowstone’s true natives.


There is a restroom here and a flight of stairs beginning at the parking level that takes you down to the river’s level and then along the river for over 100 yards. Platform overlooks along the route provide some unique opportunities to spot the large cutthroat leaping up the cascade steps or hunkered down next to boulders near the river’s edge. If you look carefully you can often see the fish next to the rocks, but many will simply miss the view as they pass by unaware.

The LeHardy Rapids was mentioned in our article titled: "Best Places to Go and Things to do with Kids in Each of Yellowstone's 14 Road Sections"

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