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Mud Volcano Area

There are several geothermal features in this area. Most of the famous ones are located along the main boardwalk loop adjacent to the parking lot. The main boardwalk loop has inclines and declines but is wheelchair accessible.

  • Dragon’s Mouth Spring: is a cavern where chalky gray-colored boiling water surges out rhythmically creating waves and a visceral sounding bellow that seems to originate from deep within the tunnel, or dragon’s mouth.

  • Mud Volcano: This feature looks like a boiling pool of mud. History records that it once erupted to heights “as high as the tree tops”, but now has more of a bubbling stew appearance.

There are other features that are accessible via a fairly steep paved trail incline and then stairs that take you upward to the ever-changing Grizzly Fumarole, and a hillside with other features worth the hike. There is a large parking lot with 6 restrooms, trash dumpsters, and recycle canisters.

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