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Norris Campground (Elevation 7,500 ft/2286 m) Yellowstone National Park

Just one mile north of Norris, and just after passing over the Gibbon River, is the turn off to the Museum of the National Park Ranger and Norris Campground. The campground is situated on a hill amongst lodgepole pine trees and immediately north of a beautiful meadow with the Gibbon River flowing through it. There is a good variety of campsite settings and each is well shaded by trees. A Ranger Station and Registration cabin mark the entrance to the campground. It is a first-come, first-served campground with three major loops housing 100 camping sites (Tent, RV, combo RV/tent) and 14 walk-in tent camping sites. Two sites have a max length of 50’; five sites with a max length of 30’.


Available for purchase: Ice, firewood bundles.


*4 restrooms (flush toilets, cold running water sinks, electrical outlets) located in each loop, each with a dishwashing sink located between the men’s and women’s rooms

*Water spigots located adjacent to the restrooms

*Large bear-proof trash dumpsters

*Recycle canisters

*No dump station

*Amphitheater: Evening campfire programs held nightly June through early September

Individual Loop Campsites:

*Maximum of 6 people per site

*Picnic table

*Fire circle with cooking grate

*Bear proof food storage boxes measuring
48 x 22 x 22 are available for shared use

* Hammocks allowed with 2” straps and must be taken down at night if not slept in

Select Regulations:

*Quiet hours 10:00pm to 6:00am (generators prohibited)

*The cutting or taking of standing wood is prohibited

*Wheeled vehicles must stay on established roadways or parking areas.

*Properly store food, utensils, coolers, and any item with an odor in vehicles or bear-boxes

*No bicycles allowed off the pavement or on trails

*Pets must be controlled at all times, may not be more than 100 feet from the roads or parking areas, are not allowed on trails, and must be picked up after

*Washing dishes, clothing, or brushing teeth at outside campground spigots is prohibited

*Use of rollerblades, skateboards, or scooters is prohibited

*Keep a clean campsite. All trash and litter must be disposed of in the bear-proof dumpsters

Solfatara Creek Trailhead:
This trail begins in the Norris Campground and is 6.5 miles (10.5 km) from point to point (13-mile/22.5 km round trip), with 1,115 feet gain in elevation. The other trailhead is located at a pull off along the Norris to Mammoth road. The southern portion of the trail follows Solfatara Creek that runs through an old growth lodgepole pine forest. Amphitheater Springs and Whiterock Springs, two minor backcountry geothermal features are located along the trail. This is a lightly traveled trail that offers some solitude. Though it does have power lines overhead some of the way, it is scenic and has a variety of wildflowers.

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