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Grizzly Lake Trailhead

This 4.2-mile out and back trail to Grizzly Lake begins paralleling the road and soon crosses Obsidian Creek on a small wooden footbridge to a marshy meadow with thick grasses and wildflowers. In less than a half mile into the hike the trail begins to climb steeply with switchbacks to more than 300 feet in quarter mile, levels for a short distance and then climbs again another 200 feet to a ridge and the highpoint of the trail. Along the path to this point you will encounter hillsides of burnt trees from the 1988 fires. From the ridge the trail then descends and at 2.1-miles you reach Grizzly Lake. This lake is beautifully set between mountain ridges on both sides and the edges are covered with long grasses, dead logs, and pine trees. There are two backcountry campsites north from the lake. To reach them the trail continues paralleling Straight Creek to eventually junction with the Mount Holmes/Winter Creek Trail which will lead you to the junction with trails that go to Trilobite Lake and Mount Holmes.

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