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Bunsen Peak Road Trailhead

This 6.3-mile (10 km), one-way and mostly downhill trail, is an old abandoned road that begins just south of Rustic Falls. Going east the dirt road rounds the backside of Bunsen Peak and ends near Mammoth Hot Springs as the road passes through an area of employee housing and equipment storage just before reaching the main highway (Mammoth to Norris) south of Mammoth Hot Springs. At the 3.2-mile mark, the Bunsen Peak Trail joins from the left. Near this point the road enters forest and begins a steady descent (nearly 1,000 feet) the next 2.2 miles. It is also near this point, shortly after the junction, that the trailhead to Osprey Falls goes east traveling down into Sheepeater Canyon. Look for a large wooden sign that identifies the trail and informs hikers of the steep 700+ foot descent to the Gardner River and Osprey Falls, about a 1.2-mile hike.

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