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Warm Creek Trailhead/Pebble Creek Trailhead

This point-to-point 12-mile (19.3) hike ends at Pebble Creek Campground and has five backcountry campsites along the path. The trail begins climbing steeply cutting through a forest-covered ridge for the first mile with a series of switchbacks just before reaching the highest point in the trail at 8,333 feet. This ridge summit rewards you with some inspiring views of high mountain peaks and the valleys below. From this point, you begin gradually descending over the next .8 miles to the first crossing of Pebble Creek. From here the trail passes a few miles through this high-country meadow with the cliffs of Cutoff Mountain providing a fitting majestic backdrop. Over the next mile, the trail is relatively flat and crosses a few dry creek beds with the second crossing of Pebble Creek at 3.6 miles into the hike. Now the trail begins its slow descent toward the southern end of the valley, reaching the Bliss Pass Trail junction at the 5.4-mile mark. (Note: this point can be used as the “Turnaround Point” for this hike). If you continue your hike to the Pebble Creek Campground you will descend 1,000 feet following Pebble Creek passing through beautiful mountain meadows.

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