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Tower-Roosevelt - Yellowstone National Park

This area is named for near by Tower Fall and its tower-like rock formations at its brink. Located here are:


  • Tower Ranger Station: The Tower Ranger Station is a remodeled reconstruction of the second Tower Soldier Station, which was built in 1907.


  • Sinclair Service Station and Store: At this conveniently located gas station not only can you fill up your gas tank, but inside is a small convenience store for your physiological rejuvenation. A favorite treat is the many options of F’reals, pre-mixed shakes for the tired traveler. A few tables are located next to the building, so you can relax a bit and enjoy whatever you purchased to revive your blood sugar. Located just east of the Sinclair Service Station and adjacent to the entrance to Roosevelt Lodge are two restrooms, large trash dumpsters, and several recycle canisters.


  • Roosevelt Lodge (open June 1 – Labor Day): The current structure of Roosevelt Lodge was erected in 1920. It replaced a tent-based camp (named Camp Roosevelt in honor or President Theodore Roosevelt) originally founded in 1906 by the Wylie Permanent Camping Company, a business that toured park visitors in their own stagecoaches and offered tent accommodations for lodging. Over the years, abandoned guest cabins from other areas in the park were transported to the Roosevelt Lodge area and became lodging for park visitors, preserving the rustic outdoor ambiance of earlier years. Roosevelt Lodge is the closest cabin lodging in the park to Lamar Valley and its abundant wildlife.

    The rustic lodge has a dining room, guest lounge and bar, and two stone fireplaces. The front of the lodge has a large porch with wooden rocking chairs for visitors to relax and contemplate their experiences of the day. There are 80 Roosevelt Lodge cabins; Frontier Cabins are heated and have private bathrooms while Roughrider Cabins have wood-burning stoves with communal restrooms and showers nearby. Located just east are the Roosevelt Corrals that offer Old West Dinner Cookouts and cowboy storytelling, and stagecoach and horseback rides for the adventurous. A Yellowstone General Store with gift shop is adjacent to the Lodge and is a smaller version of the other General Stores located throughout the park. Ice is also available for purchase and public telephones are nearby. 

    For reservations, call (307) 344-7311, or toll-free (866-439-7375) or visit



  • Lost Creek Falls and Lost Lake Trailhead: This trailhead begins behind Roosevelt Lodge and a large wooden sign indicates the direction to both Lost Creek Falls and Lost Lake. The Lost Creek Falls hike takes you through a beautiful and thick pine tree-lined canyon about .3-miles until you come to Lost Creek Falls, a pretty and secluded 40-foot waterfall flanked by sheer cliffs and surrounded by beautiful pines. After enjoying your time at the waterfall, return on the same trail to the sign and take the Lost Lake trail. This trail climbs uphill via switchbacks, passing by wildflowers until reaching the top of the climb where the trail levels off before intersecting with the trail to Tower Fall Campground. Continue your hike to the right where you will cross a footbridge that passes over a small stream exiting the lake. Here the trail takes a left passing a marshy area at the lake’s east end and leads you to the northern edge of this lengthy narrow lake. The edge of the lake is lined with yellow pond lily, a native flower with large, heart-shaped leaves.

    At the western edge of the lake, the trail turns north and passes between two rounded hills and follows a small creek. Eventually, you reach an alternate trailhead for Lost Lake at the far end of the parking lot for the Petrified Tree. At this point, the trail continues climbing steeply upward a short distance and heads eastward. You will reach a small plateau that provides a scenic view of the Sugarloaf and Cutoff mountains in the distant northeast, and Specimen Ridge is seen to the southeast. Soon you begin your descent with a few switchbacks that lead you to the maintenance area behind the Tower Ranger Station before completing the loop at the trailhead behind Roosevelt Lodge. 

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