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Tower Fall & Yellowstone General Store

You will walk past the Yellowstone General Store on the 150-yard trail to the lookout of Tower Fall.

  • Tower Fall Lookout: The lookout offers a birds-eye view of the falls as Tower Creek spills 132 feet over the edge to the canyon below where it will then flow into the Yellowstone River. Rugged volcanic spires on the sides of the canyon provide a backdrop to the creek as it takes the plunge, giving it a mythical look. Unlike in years past when you could hike down to the base of the falls, you can only hike to the river as the last section of the trail was washed away by rock and mudslides in 2004.

  • Tower Fall General Store: Similar in size and offering to the other Yellowstone General Stores with the benefit of several tables outside to relax and enjoy some ice cream or other refreshments. A large parking lot accommodates this stop as well as public restrooms, but during peak season the lot is usually very crowded, and the restrooms have long lines.

    Tower Falls was mentioned in our article titled: "Best Places to Go and Things to do with Kids in Each of Yellowstone's 14 Road Sections"

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