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Caddis Edition Fly Box (72 Flies) FREE SHIPPING

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Hand Tied Fly Fishing Caddis Flies - Dry Fly Box - Caddis Edition - Durable Fly Fishing Fly Box (72 count)

You can never have enough caddis fly patterns in your fly box! The Caddis fly is the most popular fly for trout dry fly fishing. This Box of hand tied, tried and tested fly fishing flies features 72 Caddis flies that are top recommendations for trout fishing.

The flies are packaged in a tough impact resistant clear plastic fly box with waterproof silicone seal to keep your flies dry and protected. Specific characteristics and features of the fly fishing fly box include:

-Double sided clear casing for easy fly identification
-Micro-slotted foam to easily secure and remove flies
-Easy opening with one finger push button access to both sides individually
-Compact, easy to hold, and fits nicely in your pocket or fly fishing vest, or attached to your fly fishing lanyard
-Product size: 4 3/16” x 3” x 1 1/2” (10.6 cm x 7.6 cm x 3.7 cm)
-Has 170 hook slots total (85 flies on each side)

This combination of high quality fly fishing flies packaged in the durable and highly functional fly fishing fly box is a great asset to your fly fishing arsenal and makes a great gift for your favorite angler.

Lake Trout Flies in included in the box:
12 Elk Hair Caddis - Black
12 Elk Hair Caddis - Tan
12 Elk Hair Caddis - Olive
12 Goddard Caddis
12 X Caddis
12 Emerging Caddis Nymph

Total Flies: 72

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