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Mt. Haynes Overlook

Mt. Haynes, elevation 8,218 feet (2,505 m) named after Frank Jay Haynes, the first official photographer of the park, rises abruptly from the meadow floor providing a prominent peak across from the Madison River. A short wheelchair accessible boardwalk with benches takes you down to and along the river providing a beautiful view of Mt. Haynes and the valley upstream and will almost assuredly provide a glimpse of wildlife anytime of the year. This area is prime trout habitat.

Note: From this location driving eastward until you come to the Madison Campground, there are 7 "good-sized" pull offs. Each provides views of the river running through the valley meadows flanked on each side by mountains. Herds of bison and elk often congregate in this area. Also located along this stretch are two informational signs providing background on the 1988 fires that burned an estimated 793,880 acres and affected the Madison area elk herd. 

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