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Monument Geyser Basin Trailhead

Located immediately adjacent to a bridge crossing the Gibbon River, the Monument Geyser Basin trailhead begins its 2.8-mile (4.5 km) round trip with the ultimate midpoint destination of the Monument Geyser Basin. The area displays bleached rock, dormant and active coned chimney funnels, and scattered steam releasing vents. The thermal area has been described as looking somewhat like the barren surface of the moon, not the colorful pools of hot springs in other geothermal areas of the park.

As you begin your hike the trail runs flat and parallels the Gibbon River for about ½ mile where trees offer some shade. The trail then turns west and climbs uphill roughly 700 feet over .8 miles passing through a forest of new growth lodgepole pines. You can see periodic views of the Gibbon River as it meanders through the northern meadow. This is a good time to stop and catch your breath as you take in some scenic beauty. As you approach the Monument Geyser Basin area the trail levels out again offering some beautiful views of the river below, the vast meadows, and surrounding mountain ridges.

At the basin, be cautious of thin crust areas to ensure your safety and be respectful of fragile features. This hike is not well traveled, usually providing more of a private experience as you enjoy this hydrothermal feature.

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