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Lewis Lake Campground, Boat Dock & Picnic Area (Elevation 7,800 ft/2377 m):

The campground is located very near the boat ramp to Lewis Lake and set on a wooded hill. You pass by the Ranger Station to enter the campground. (Note: Behind the Ranger Station is a parking lot specifically for backcountry trailers and boat trailers. Several trash dumpsters and recycle canisters are also located here) The campground is first-come, first-served, and contains 85 sites – all of which include a table and fire circle with grate. One loop in the campground is designated for tent camping only. Bear-proof food storage boxes measuring 48x22x22 inches are distributed throughout the campground for shared use, as are water spigots. Generators are not allowed, and restrooms are vault toilets.


The picnic area is adjacent to the parking lot and boat launch and only contains 5 picnic tables and two restroom facilities. A very short walk up over a knoll and you are at the lake.

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