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Lamar Valley - Yellowstone National Park

A small sign welcomes you to the beginning of Lamar Valley, dubbed the “Serengeti of North America”. This wide valley in the northern part of the park is known for its abundance and diverse wildlife. During key times of the season, and usually at dawn or dusk, there is the possibility to see bison, elk, grizzly bear, wolves, pronghorn, and bighorn sheep while standing in one place and scanning 360° with your binoculars or spotting scope. It can be a surreal experience and one you will never forget. There are several pull offs along the road to stop, set up, and scan for wildlife. And it sure can be a lot of fun to be the first person to spot a grizzly bear or wolf, causing others passing by to stop and ask, “what are you looking at”, and being able to point out the animal and help them to enjoy what you are enjoying. Being the cause of a traffic jam and gathering of folks only adds to the satisfaction.

Lamar Valley is also accessible by vehicle travel during the winter and provides an opportunity to view wildlife in a unique setting as they work to survive the snow and cold of a Yellowstone winter. If viewing wildlife is at the top of your list for why you want to visit Yellowstone, then a visit to Lamar Valley is a must. In addition, two famous streams, the Lamar River and Soda Butte Creek, wind their way through the valley and are famous for their rich abundance of trout. Fly fishermen from around the world come here seeking to catch the native cutthroat trout that thrive in these waters.

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