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Lamar River Horse Trailhead and Bullwinkle the Moose

This pull-off area has two single restrooms and is a staging area and trailhead for trailers carrying stock for horse excursions to the Lamar River Trail and backcountry destinations. The trailhead for human hikers is located just north at the next pull off. The area provides access for fishing Soda Butte Creek and is a good location from which to get a glimpse of Yellowstone’s largest moose (at least his head), affectionately named Bullwinkle (by some of us). From the parking lot look northwesterly to the mountain and scan its ridge moving right to left. When you come to the end of the ridge as it drops downward you will see Bullwinkle’s massive head and antlers sticking out from the wall of the ridge cliff. A large tree and its branches protrude outward from the cliff’s edge and looks just like a moose head with antlers. We love to point this out to children (and adults alike) visiting the park and watch them smile and react with excitement when they have the “ah-ha moment” of seeing Bullwinkle. Have fun pointing it out to your children, friends, or total strangers. The reaction is typically very enjoyable.

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