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Duck Rock, Yellowstone National Park

This stretch of the river is not well known, and certainly not explored by most park visitors. Here along the Gibbon River you will see cascades, small waterfalls, and Duck Rock, the so-called balancing rock in the middle of the river. However, it has also been given other names like Wine Glass Boulder, and our daughter says it looks like a dancing ballerina on her toes. What do you think this large standing boulder in the river that has had much of its base eroded away over the years from water erosion looks like? To see this geological odyssey, park at the north end of the lengthy pull off on the west side of the road. From there you will need to take a short north bound walk until you see a few trails that descend to the river. This is a fun stop and provides some unique photo opportunities. A small island in the middle of the river is our go-to sport for pics of the family with Duck Rock and terraced waterfalls in the background.

At the south end of this same parking lot you can walk to the river and look across to see Chocolate Pots. Named for its chocolatey brown appearance due to an unusually high concentration of iron that oxidizes, it provides a different looking geothermal feature to observe.

Duck Rock and the waterfall was mentioned in our article titled: "Best Places to Go and Things to do with Kids in Each of Yellowstone's 14 Road Sections"

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