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Chittenden Road

Dunraven Pass is the highest point on a main road in the park and the gravel-based Chittenden Road which branches off from it and leads even further upward to a large parking area with a restroom. Beginning here is a 2.8-mile hiking/biking trail (5.6-mile round trip) that will take you to the peak of Mt. Washburn. Be on the lookout for bighorn sheep, bear, and an array of wildflowers along the way. There is an official and still used fire lookout at the summit. Hikers are welcome to enter inside to the first floor of the lookout tower. Here, informational displays and a series of murals that identify the various landmarks are positioned below the large viewing windows. These windows allow expansive and impressive views of those landmarks, and a viewing scope allows for a more up-close experience. A separate exterior access to a second-floor deck is also available. This is a great location from which to capture some really beautiful scenic shots, and maybe even a selfie or two.

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