Blacktail Deer Creek Trailhead

The Blacktail Deer Creek Trail is an important trail that provides access to the Black Canyon of Yellowstone and the Yellowstone River. Your journey begins by crossing a valley and passing by small ponds. Soon you reach Blacktail Pond Trail as it enters from the left. The trail climbs a small hill providing a vantage point for some beautiful scenery of a rolling landscape covered with sagebrush and grasses. As you continue your hike you descend, and Rescue Creek Trail enters from the left at the .7-mile mark. At the 2-mile mark, the trail turns to the right and descends to Blacktail Deer Creek where the terrain levels off for a short distance. About a mile further along the trail, you pass an overlook of tall columnar jointing and a small waterfall. At 3.3 miles the trail parallels Blacktail Creek through a deep ravine at a steep grade until you reach the Yellowstone River at mile 3.7. Total descent along the trail is nearly 1,000 feet. There are a number of backcountry campsites along the trail should you want to make this an overnight excursion.


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