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Beryl Spring

Named after the gemstone beryl, because of its blue-green color, the spring is located adjacent to the road and is one of the hottest geothermal features (averaging 196°F/91°C) in the park. Steam from this hot spring can be seen well in advance of arriving, especially in early morning cooler temperatures. There is a long narrow parking area on the west side of the road. The spring bubbles water upward reaching about 4 feet in height, but directly behind the spring is a vent from which steam barrels out with great intensity providing a continuous roar that sounds like a jet engine as it awaits takeoff. A wheelchair accessible boardwalk leads to the spring and has a few benches if you want to sit and experience the sounds and smells (somewhat slightly pungent due to the elevated levels sulfuric acid and hydrogen sulfide gas) that are ever present.

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