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Lewis Channel Dogshead Trailhead

After driving a short distance off the main road you arrive at a small parking area with a restroom and some small trash canisters. From the parking area there are two different trailheads; the Dogshead Trail to the Shoshone Lake Outlet at 4.7-miles, and the Lewis River Channel Trail to the Shoshone Lake Outlet at 6.4 miles.

The Lewis Channel Trail takes you west through forested area eventually leading you to the northern edge of Lewis Lake, named after Meriwether Lewis, who, between 1804-1806, was part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. In route, you will cross a small stream at the .8-mile mark and soon after cut back southwest toward the northern shores of the lake and a gravel beach, a fine place to try your skill at skipping rocks across the lake’s surface. Views of the Teton Mountain Range to the south and of the Red Mountains to the east add to the beauty of this location. You will continue to follow the shoreline for a half mile and at the 2.5-mile mark arrive at the Lewis River outlet, and a great place to enjoy some fishing for browns and lake trout. The trail heads north from here along the Lewis River Channel that connects Lewis Lake and Shoshone Lake. As the trail periodically climbs to rocky overlook points, you get some beautiful views of the clear blue river below. As the trail descends it then follows the river’s edge and just over 5 miles into your hike you will junction with DeLacy Creek Trail. This trail begins from its origin along the Old Faithful to West Thumb section of the Grand Loop road. Also, here the Shoshone Lake Trail will take you west along the southern border of Shoshone Lake. If you head north .2 miles you will junction with the Dogshead Trail which will turn southeast traveling through lodgepole pine forest and marshy area until it connects with a wide gravel road at 9.5-miles into your trip and eventually you arrive back at the Lewis Channel Dogshead Trailhead completing the 10.8-mile loop.

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